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If there’s one thing I hate about blogging, then there’s probably a bunch of other things too. My main bugbear is the continual need for new content. Blogs are hungry beasts. Much of what gets written is ephemeral and has a short shelf, no matter how much time you spent on it. With that in mind, I planned a series of ‘best of graffiti living’ posts with curated links to evergreen content from the archives on particular themes. Then I read my blog and realised that most of it was shit.


A weary traveler forgets to pay for breakfast, but goes back due to service with a smile.

I went to sleep full of questions about writing and Japan. In my dreams a documentary voice over narrated the answers to some of my questions. When I woke up I wrote down what little I could remember without the aid of tea. I am incapable of speaking to anyone until I’ve had a cup of tea, so I’m amused that I wrote anything at all. This is what greeted me in my notebook when I came back to read it: (more…)

my nanowrimo writing set-up

It’s nanowrimo again – the time of the year when all common sense goes out of the window and you try to write a novel in a month. Just for kicks. Nanowrimo is great fun and I’ve completed it successfully several times now. There’s a method that I tend to use that I’ve refined over the years, but it isn’t for the squeamish. Life is hectic at the moment, so I sure as hell won’t be blogging much throughout November – and if you are serious about completing nanowrimo then you probably shouldn’t be reading this. But for what it’s worth, this is what works for me. Here are some quick tips and dirty tricks to help get you through the month. (more…)