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“It’s not genius, it’s just that if you want something good to come out of something, you have to put in a lot of effort. That involves a lot of hard work, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears sometimes. No different to anything, no different to what we all do.” — Hubert Selby Jr

Plan by writing, not by planning.

Build from the bottom up.

Not building a wall — just making bricks.

Plan on-the-fly.

Need to research your novel?

Write it first, then research the bits that you need to fill in the gaps.

If you plan first, you’ll plan yourself out of existence.

If you make the perfect plan for your book, you’ll lose all desire to write the messy drafts required to finish the actual book.

Fluid drafts, within set parameters, as opposed to rigid work plans.

Keep it fluid.


Some stories are short.

Some stories are long.

Some stories are shallow.

Some stories are deep.

But width is what your stories need most.

If there’s one thing I hate about blogging, then there’s probably a bunch of other things too. My main bugbear is the continual need for new content. Blogs are hungry beasts. Much of what gets written is ephemeral and has a short shelf, no matter how much time you spent on it. With that in mind, I planned a series of ‘best of graffiti living’ posts with curated links to evergreen content from the archives on particular themes. Then I read my blog and realised that most of it was shit.