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Come SeptemberCome September by Arundhati Roy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Arundhati Roy’s ‘Come September’ is a scathing treatise on globalisation, nationalism and US hypocrisy — carried off with warmth and humour.

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In this acclaimed Lannan foundation lecture from September 2002, Roy speaks poetically to power on the US’ War on Terror, globalization, the misuses of nationalism, and the growing chasm between the rich and poor. With lyricism and passion, Roy combines her literary talents and encyclopedic knowledge to expose injustice and provide hope for a future world.


Stories Hollywood Never TellsStories Hollywood Never Tells by Howard Zinn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Interesting talk by the legendary Howard Zinn at Taos Talking Film Festival.

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What sort of view of our history do we get from Hollywood movies? Why are some stories told and others not? In this informal talk given at the Taos Talking Film Festival, Zinn turns his attention to Hollywood, the stories it tells and the ones it doesn’t and makes a few suggestions for films he’d love to see.

If there’s one thing I hate about blogging, then there’s probably a bunch of other things too. My main bugbear is the continual need for new content. Blogs are hungry beasts. Much of what gets written is ephemeral and has a short shelf, no matter how much time you spent on it. With that in mind, I planned a series of ‘best of graffiti living’ posts with curated links to evergreen content from the archives on particular themes. Then I read my blog and realised that most of it was shit.