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Writing for Your Readers: Notes on the Writer's Craft from the Boston GlobeWriting for Your Readers: Notes on the Writer’s Craft from the Boston Globe by Donald M. Murray
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I learnt more about good journalism, and how to write well, from this book than I did from an NCTJ Diploma in Journalism. It’s an old book, but the advice is solid and still relevant today.

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Is there a doctor in the house? The good doctor Hunter S. Thompson, gonzo journalist, on writing:

No, I have a draft . . . something else was written first, chronologically, but when I wrote that . . . well, there are moments . . . a lot of them happen when nothing else is going right . . . when you’re being evicted from the hotel a day early in New York or you’ve just lost your girlfriend in Scottsdale. I know when I’m hitting it. I know when I’m on. I can usually tell because the copy’s clean.

via Paris Review – The Art of Journalism No. 1, Hunter S. Thompson.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. — Hunter S. Thompson

Write fiction as journalism and journalism as fiction.

1) use scene by scene construction (write the story as a traditional narrative). You get your stories by hanging out, observing, not interviewing
2) use dialogue. It engages the reader and reveals character
3) 3rd person POV. Get inside their heads.
4) Record everything. 5 senses. Background noise. “get the name of the dog” (Recording Angel). The journalist shows they were there. Acts as witness and sometimes participant.
5) Deadline pressure: just start typing and print what comes out. From your head to the readers.

I was an outsider before I was a traveller. I was a traveller before I was a writer. I think one led to the other. — Paul Theroux

Toby King, Duke of York's Picturehouse

Duke of York’s Picturehouse in Brighton have ditched trailers and adverts in favour of showing short films from local filmmakers before late-night screenings of cult classics in The Duke’s After Dark. Read the news piece and the full related interview with Toby King on the website for The Argus newspaper.