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If there’s one thing I hate about blogging, then there’s probably a bunch of other things too. My main bugbear is the continual need for new content. Blogs are hungry beasts. Much of what gets written is ephemeral and has a short shelf, no matter how much time you spent on it. With that in mind, I planned a series of ‘best of graffiti living’ posts with curated links to evergreen content from the archives on particular themes. Then I read my blog and realised that most of it was shit.


My Gratitude List for 2009

Posted: January 25, 2010 in graffiti living
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I’ve been keeping a gratitude list of little things I’m grateful for every day. If it gets much bigger I’m going to have to change my name to Rainbow Brite. In a fit of madness, I decided to post some of it here. It’s a bit random, but it’s a great way to track those tiny moments that you otherwise wouldn’t catch, and it’s definitely a practice I’d recommend. Just put the words “Today I’m Grateful For…” at the top and start from there. Anyway, you get the idea. (more…)