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I’m still so exhausted that it staggers me, and all I can hear is the voices of people in other rooms.

I don’t want these voices, I want words spilling from my own mouth and hands.

My dreams — in my dreams I am still exhausted, so much so that dream after dream I roll over right into another like a body into a ditch.

I don’t know what these images mean, but it is like politics and commerce are more important than spirituality.

People and community and the things that we should be grateful for, the company of family and friends, they are all in the distance whilst you sit there staring at your own world in your head or else staring at the wall.

There are these litte red dots that are earned by sitting for a few minutes at a time.

But half hours are marked out in five-bar-gates like days in a cell.

The body is the cage, which means your mnind is the guilty party, the criminal.

I don’t remember my dreams unless I lie with them.

That’s a new sensation for me, being unable to remember my dreams where moments ago I was lying in them.

The thing is this is what happens when you are so tired, too tired.

Death is not a dragon, god is not a voice, and we are neither dead nor living.


Keep a notebook in bed with you — or at least close by.

Write down your dreams.

Read them out loud.

Narrate your own dreams when you wake.

Then try to write them, in detail, as stories later.

Brainstorm and cluster around your original ideas.

Your brain created your dreams — they’re yours to use.

“Books had always offered her a refuge as deep and rapidly accessed as sleep and she emerged from them as reluctantly and in a similar fog.” — Patrick Gale

“A dream is a poem the body writes. Even if we lie to ourselves in the day, the body is compelled to speak its truth at night.” — Sandra Cisneros

There are two aspects to dreaming in an empty room:

1. The dream

2. The empty room you see immediately after waking up

The empty room is a clean slate. You can put anything in the empty room. A dream, however, is always grounded in reality. Dreams have . . . well, not rules. Not constructs. Not even “logic.” All they need to keep us from waking up is a sense of the real. Dreams have terrorists. Dreams have presidents, hostage situations.

The science behind the links between dreams and creativity:

“To be creative, you need a way to let those circuits float free and really be open to alternatives that you would normally overlook,” explains Robert Stickgold, PhD, an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard University who has conducted seminal studies on dreams, sleeping and learning. “Several features of REM sleep predispose the brain to this activity.”

via Considering Creativity–The dream canvas.

Are dreams a muse to the creative?

I wish.

I tried writing my dreams as fiction but the end result was bad fiction.

Dream Narratives

Posted: April 17, 2015 in graffiti living
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“A dream is a poem the body writes. Even if we lie to ourselves in the day, the body is compelled to speak its truth at night.” — Sandra Cisneros

Dreams are creative of themselves, even without interpretation.

They’re your creation — no-one elses.

Dreams can be the source of stories, but they require reworking to make the personal universal in appeal.

Record your dreams to gain insight and see changes over time.

Write down your dreams as though they’re stories — it’s much more fun than trying to tell your dream to someone else.