Writer’s Notebook: Copywork and Story Models

Posted: October 22, 2015 in graffiti living
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Writers are great lovers. They fall in love with other writers. That is how they learn to write. Great lovers realise they are what they are in love with.

Copywork: copy work is where you copy down someone else’s work just to get a feel for how their writing is done.

Story Models: Use someone else’s story as a model for your own. Take it apart to see how it works.

Writers on Writing: Models of writer’s advice and approaches. Also actionable as GTD projects — model these writers for a period of time and write work in similar vein or way.

A Zen proverb says if you want to know about a tree, go to the tree. That’s all this really is.


NEO has a DVORAK typing tutor built into it so I can use that in my copywork time.

Core writing hours are 3am to 8am but only trying to produce 2000 words per day of increasing quality. And only counted on-screen typing in that window. In other words, the rest of the time you write around that can include scribbled notes so that your core writing hours go really fast.

For example, I’m writing this now based on notes in my notebook. I know it’s not fiction but fuck you I’m bored. And until I get doing copy work it ain’t going to click. You write a good novel by writing a good novel. But this shit still has value to me and it’s about fucking time.

First time I’ve felt happy to be writing in ages, even though just writing up notes and ranting.


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