Composting: Writing and Highlighting Process

Posted: October 5, 2015 in graffiti living
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do not wait for “mystery” to descend: take care of business. If you take care of business, the creative impulse has a vehicle through which it may act.

Don’t wait for things to get easier — take care of business.

As a writer, you’re still just shovelling shit.

When you’ve enough shit, you can turn it into compost.

Compost feeds the fertile ground — it’s worthless in its own right, but without it nothing grows as well.

Compost your writing:

  • Gather up all your loose scraps of writing
  • Highlight any good bits that grab your attention
  • Cluster (brainstorm) these bits to break the silence (on paper)
  • Then kickwrite / freewrite (on paper / computer, whatever your preferred method is)
  • Repeat until you’ve ‘used up’ anything noteworthy in your compost
  • Printout your ‘green shoots’ (the new pages you produced from your shit-pile)
  • Highlight in the margins paragraphs that are ideas / projects, good writing/ on-story / bits of novels, rants or even just self-pitying shite (poetry)
  • Repeat the process for a set period of time (days, weeks, months) until have a lot of material
  • Separate the good stuff out into pots (different novels, stories, poems etc)
  • Turn ideas and practical stuff into GTD-type projects or add to your lists as placeholders for stories
  • Rake over the rest as compost, let go of anything that is truly lifeless (has nothing left in it of value)
  • Take all the good proper writing stuff that is on one project (eg. one story) and try and kickwrite it up into scenes and a working draft
  • Compost any leftover material
  • Rinse and repeat

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