Writing is introducing the reader to something that you already see

Posted: September 29, 2015 in graffiti living
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Homework: Write down 10 things on separate scraps of paper. Mix them up. Write down definitions for those 10 things on separate scraps of paper. Mix them up. Take a random thing and random definition and write them down as one line. Do this until you’ve defined everything. Write it out as a poem. Sample lines are given below as an example.

Jealousy is the man who tends wildlife.
A house is a feeling of togetherness.
Death is a container kept at a constant low temperature.
A car is a long stick with bristles.
Harmony is the pre-ordained road of life.
A rainbow is a pain inside the head.
Grief is the gathering of waterdrops in the sky.
A book is the large grandiose home of royalty.
Comfort is overindulgence in food and wealth.
A barge is a dwelling in which to live a simple life.
Love is the fruit Eve was forbidden to eat.
Happiness is that which gives pleasure to the beholder.
A headache is a place where people live.
Fear is something you attach to the floor to stop doors from opening.
A car is violence of the human heart.
Destiny is an implement for digging.
Pain is a set of teeth with four legs attached to it.
Happiness is the movement of your life.
A feeling is a violent game that men play.
An Army General is a meal ticket.
Honey is a time-filled space.
Life is a mistake.
Greed is Joy.
An aeroplane is misery.
Anger is care-free elation.
A boat is a means of transport for some and prestige for others.
Misery travels on water.
Tension is a furry animal.
Love is a spectrum of colours in the sky caused by rain being a prism and breaking the light.


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