Spoken Words, Poems, and Synchronicity

Posted: September 28, 2015 in graffiti living
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“We write to understand. Thus we should write. But we can never fully understand. The world is shifting, and we are shifting under it. Thus we should keep writing.”

After a ‘Presentation Skills for the Terrified’ course, my tutor gave us all poems at random that she’d finished with.

Mine seemed particularly apt, and was by a poet I’d never heard of befored called Marin Sorescu.

So, here it is:

One of my poems kept me awake at night,
so I sent it into the country
to a grandfather.

After that I wrote another
and sent it to my mother
to store in her attic.

I still wrote several more
and with misgivings entrusted them to relations
who promised to keep them with care.

And so forth; for every new poem
there was someone to take it in.
Since each of my friends
in his turn has
a friend he keeps quiet about.

And now even I don’t remember
where this and that line might be,
and if I were to fall among thieves
and they tortured me too, the most I could tell them
is that those dubious things
are somewhere in the country —
and safe.


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