A thing as dreamless will have a dream

Posted: September 11, 2015 in graffiti living
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“Books had always offered her a refuge as deep and rapidly accessed as sleep and she emerged from them as reluctantly and in a similar fog.” — Patrick Gale

“A dream is a poem the body writes. Even if we lie to ourselves in the day, the body is compelled to speak its truth at night.” — Sandra Cisneros

There are two aspects to dreaming in an empty room:

1. The dream

2. The empty room you see immediately after waking up

The empty room is a clean slate. You can put anything in the empty room. A dream, however, is always grounded in reality. Dreams have . . . well, not rules. Not constructs. Not even “logic.” All they need to keep us from waking up is a sense of the real. Dreams have terrorists. Dreams have presidents, hostage situations.


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