The north and south of sarcasm

Posted: August 25, 2015 in graffiti living
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There’s one thing we get up north that they don’t get down south: SARCASM.

The southern sense of humour — if there is such a thing — seems very different to me as I grew up with bitter northern sarcasm.

There’s no malice in sarcasm (at least among northerners).

Northerners use sarcasm in a friendly way but southerners don’t get it and assume we’re being mean.

Southerners are such a delicate bunch — they get easily offended by honesty, sarcasm or direct questions.

This is of course where my southern friends jump up and say they’ve got an excellent sense of humour — but they don’t.

Whenever I’m down south, I miss the north: I miss the rain, the misery and the crushing sense of disappointment.

Mostly, I miss the sarcasm — southerners piss me off.

Sometimes I think a southerner’s being sarcastic, but it’s just northern anthropomorphism: I so want to believe they get sarcasm that I project it onto them.

When I told a friend my sarcasm chip was faulty, they said: “You’ve been living away from the north too long — go back and get it fixed!”

Dear Southerners, I find your lack of humour disturbing.

Also your callousness, apathy and inability to understand sarcasm.


Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

Some of my best friends are southerners.

But anywhere that finds sarcasm distasteful or incomprehensible is inhospitable and uninhabitable.

In short: I should never have left the north.

Life’s much better here — the tea and sarcasm keep me warm.

  1. Someone obviously doesn’t recognize sarcasm when they read it. 🙂

  2. LOL says:

    Opposite for us… we’re from the south and find the lack of a sense of humor, especially sarcasm, absolutely appalling in the northeast. Like, it doesn’t exist.

    You mean you actually believe the north is better than the south? C’mon… 😛

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