Sorry, wrong meeting

Posted: August 17, 2015 in graffiti living

“The only war that matters is the war against the imagination. All other wars are subsumed by it.” — Diane DiPrima

I’m so angry, I could vomit. Sorry, wrong meeting.

Have you ever noticed how the ‘moral majority’ isn’t moral and there’s more of us than them? Sorry, wrong meeting.

You ever noticed how people who say ‘all views are my own’ don’t have any? Sorry, wrong meeting.

The economic function of money is slavery. Sorry, wrong meeting.

If ‘money is nothing but information’ doesn’t that suggest poor people are dying of ignorance? Sorry, wrong meeting.

An economic model that doesn’t involve money is not only possible, it’s inevitable. Sorry, wrong meeting.

Honesty is the best policy — except, you know, when it isn’t. Sorry, wrong meeting.

The Americans called the second Iraq war Operation Iraqi Liberation until it was pointed out that this spelled OIL. Sorry, wrong meeting.

Your fitness to govern should be judged on YOUR ABILITY TO GOVERN — not on your media-training, campaign spiel or advertising budget. Sorry, wrong meeting.

The Pirate Bay shutdown isn’t about digital piracy — it’s about corporate and government censorship of the internet. Sorry, wrong meeting.

#CameronMustGo so he can be replaced by another puppet for the banks, big business and the military-industrial complex. Sorry, wrong meeting.

People get arrested or fired for something they’ve said on social media? It’s almost like we don’t have free speech. Sorry, wrong meeting.

We’ve evolved from monkeys with brains to credit cards with mouths. Darwin was wrong. Sorry, wrong meeting.

Do you want to reduce the threat of terrorism in the world? Then stop behaving like terrorists. Sorry, wrong meeting.

If only we could prevent the irrational and bigoted views of politicians being forced on others as law. Sorry, wrong meeting.

I love it when capitalists lecture you on morality, ethics, and how to be a docile consumer. Sorry, wrong meeting.

It’s not a better phone — all they did was make it taller. Sorry, wrong meeting.

I went to my happy place: found my inner child’s bloated corpse floating face down in a pool of unicorn tears. Sorry, wrong meeting.

My body seems to think I’m on the supermodel diet — ‘throw up a lot and shit yourself thin.’ Sorry, wrong meeting.

Life has no inherent meaning — it’s yours to make. Everyone has the right to self-determination and self-termination. Sorry, wrong meeting.

All I want to do is write and travel and be healthy and happy — is that too much to ask or not enough? Sorry, wrong meeting.

If I’d known how physically painful getting old is I’d probably have killed myself much sooner. Sorry, wrong meeting.

smashes head on desk …Sorry, wrong meeting.


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