Notes on writing features from a talk I don’t remember

Posted: June 25, 2015 in graffiti living
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Interview experts

Case studies

Go beyond the brief

EG. Midwives via organisation. People who’ve been on electives.

Their personal experiences


Mix of experts and local colour

Don’t write an opinion piece

Speak to the people that DO know

Picture Editors

Psychologist: why is it we need pictures and disaster to respond

Filmmakers for charity appeals — how do they choose their pics

Narrow down the issue

Readers want emotional story of a specific individual

Get an article published in a national newspaper, it will get you noticed

Use your own experience

Email the section editor

Give it a headline and coverline

Single deck headline

Everyday things

Always think if it’s interesting to you it can be a feature

Life without TV

How to protect your home from burglars

Festival going guide (music)

Volunteering Abroad (friend went to India)

Sell features to build up portfolio

Easier if you’re a staffer first

People less keen to pay for content

They still need good content

Being reliable is better than being good


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