Writer’s Notebook: Five Pages Per Day — the daily output of a non-writing writer

Posted: June 8, 2015 in graffiti living
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Do the math.

My alphasmart backups for one year came to 6000 manuscript pages.

Halve this to account for duplication.

Double the amount of time taken.

That’s still 1,500 pages in a year.

Round down per month — that’s 125, so call it 100.

That’s 25 pages per week (on both 4 and 5 week months).

Which in a 5 day week is about 5 pages per day.

This is a gross underestimation of my writing output — and a gross overestimation of the quality.

But take all of this rounding down into account and let’s pretend that compensates for your ability to write well / finish something.

That means you could realistically hope to produce 5 finished pages per day. 25 per week. 100 per month.

Go steady. Aim to knock out 5 pages in the morning.

Come back and shape through day / evening and go no further except in brainstorms and notes.

Get 5 done early? Take rest of day easy.

You were producing 3 pages per day in 30-60 minutes for morning pages.

Here’s the deal: those pages per day must be on one thing as much as possible — not the mad incoherent gibberish you’re currently producing.

That could give you a novel in 3 months (decent draft) on the outside if you focus.

You have width, now you need depth.

Not too shabby for a non-writing writer.

[Reading back over this is hilarious, given how low my current output is, and optimistic.]


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