The First Draft

Posted: May 28, 2015 in graffiti living
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“The lessons you take from your travels across novel-land this month will serve you well throughout the rest of your life. You will walk away from the escapade with a mischievous sense of boldness and an increased confidence in your creative abilities. You will read differently, write differently, and for better or worse, you will begin seeing the world with the ever-hungry eyes of a novelist.” – Chris Baty

The first draft, eh? A bit daunting isn’t it? Remember, every writer you’ve ever loved started out at this exact point — and it scared the crap out of the lot of them.

Here we are, looking out over the vast uncharted territory of your novel. Some of you have map and compass and heavy-duty all-weather gear — others just have crazed expressions and a willingness to roam in the wilderness.

Enjoy the view. You’re looking for quantity not quality. This isn’t the place for perfect grammar or well-constructed sentences — it’s where you go stomping through the mud.

Leave your inner-editor at home. In fact, hand over your inner-editor right now for safe-keeping. Place a comment at the end of this post, relinquishing your inner-editor and saying exactly how you expect it to be treated whilst you’re busy writing your novel.

Don’t worry, you can have it back afterwards. That’s why I said ‘leave it at home’ and not ‘leave it face-down in a ditch.’ After the first draft, your inner-editor comes to the fore.


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