Phil Hine’s thoughts on writing

Posted: April 24, 2015 in graffiti living, links
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Phil Hine

Phil Hine, writer and occultist, on writing:

It’s often the case that the impetus to write something comes from reading someone else’s work. This is okay, and a good deal of magical writing is actually a restatement of someone else’s work. If you find that you want to base an essay on someone else’s ideas, it’s a matter of courtesy to say so. Explaining another author’s ideas in your own words is a good approach, as an alternative to quoting them extensively. The occult world is very small, and if you’re basing your own writing on that of someone else, it’s a safe bet (unless you are very careful) that, at some point, they’ll find out about it.

via Phil Hine's thoughts on writing.

To me, all writers are shamans and creativity is a magickal act — intended to manifest change and influence the real world.

That’s why we’re so good at spelling.


  1. odhran25 says:

    I picture it all as a big river. We all get wet with some of same water.

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