Chaos Magick – A Magickal Revolution – Haunted Yorkshire

Posted: April 21, 2015 in graffiti living, links
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Interesting piece on Haunted Yorkshire about the history of Chaos Magick.

Chaos is all about adding and subtracting from existing systems of magick and dividing it with some of your own. A bit like a recipe. A table spoon of this, with a 100grms of that, mixed with a pinch of the other. This is what makes chaos magick so personal. No set rules as such and the only confinements as to what can subsequently be achieved are those in the mind of the practitioner. It is not important that the system you develop can be used or understood by anybody else; chaos is all about the individual. This D.I.Y approach does not have to stop at ritual alone, it can be used to mix and match all the components used within magick, enrolling the kabala, some sigils, runes, the tarot and what ever else takes your fancy. The possibilities are endless. Why stop there, why not incorporate some science into chaos. How about a bit of astrology, alchemy or even some quantum physics. What is important after all is achieving the desired end result.

via Chaos Magick – Haunted Yorkshire.

Chaos Magick originated in West Yorkshire — as did I. This pleases me greatly.


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