Stalk your characters in the real world

Posted: April 16, 2015 in graffiti living
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Go outside. Shut the door.

Pick a person on public transport and follow them until you come to a locked door — literally follow them round all day until they go home or into work and then leave them alone so you don’t get arrested.

Take notes about them — who you think they are, how they move, how they act. If you hear them in conversation even better.

This isn’t cheating — it’s a great way of getting interesting characters. Why bother going to the effort of creating them from scratch when the world is full of readymade weirdos anyway?

One word of caution though: be careful who you follow — little old ladies are fine, but I would give the axe-wielding maniac in a ski mask a wide berth.

In short: Stay safe. Don’t get murdered. Try not to die.

And when doubt, don’t take the advice of anyone on the internet about anything.


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