What should I write?

Posted: April 15, 2015 in graffiti living
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Whatever rocks your boat.

Write what you want to write, not what you should write.

Don’t write what you’re bored with.

Start with no idea whatsoever and just see what happens, or even mix two or three ideas together.

This isn’t about perfection — it’s about having fun and convincing your muse that you should seek professional help.

You don’t have to write every day, it’s not meant to be perfect, and nobody will kill you if you don’t succeed, but them’s the rules.

Life is one big Duke of Edinburgh trip and will throw at you lots of perfectly good excuses to not write. But you mustn’t fall for them, unless you want to be a One Day Novelist… as in, “One day I’ll write a novel.”

Take a notebook with you and write throughout the day — write on the toilet, write on the bus, write in the stupidest place you can think of.

Just write.


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