Notes from Writing the Blockbuster Novel by Albert Zuckerman: Weaving Plot Strands

Posted: March 25, 2015 in graffiti living
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Notes from Writing the Blockbuster Novel by Albert Zuckerman.

Weaving Plot Strands:
If scenes don’t centre on a POV character then chances are their emotional weight is slight or non-existent. Rethink these scenes and cut them or rebuild them by focusing on one of your POV characters. This can work so long as POV character –even an antagonist – is at least somewhat sympathetically portrayed. [NB. CATRD – I don’t know what will happen between characters to make this work so lets find out, but it seems to me that in their own way despite my ‘how will I make it interesting them just sitting on a bus’ type concerns, it WILL work, and its closer to the blockbuster type structure than I imagined] If however, your scenes main character is thoroughly villainous and the secondary character is also unlikeable then you have a problem. [not these days you don’t mate!] Cut away or restructure around character for whom you can generate some warmth or understanding. Finally make sure majority of your high-fever action is generated by goings on between and among your POV people and not them against only secondary characters. This ensures readers will keep turning your pages.


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