My Rules On Twitter (in the order that I just made them up):

Posted: February 24, 2015 in graffiti living
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  1. Don’t be a dick (Try to play nice with the other children)

  2. Be yourself (I’m a part-time sarcastic git and full-time grumpy arse, but I mean well)

  3. Don’t feed the trolls (and resist the urge to set an angry mob onto them)

  4. Follow / Unfollow who you want (I prefer friendly creative types; sarcasm is an added bonus)

  5. Don’t act butt-hurt if someone Follows / Unfollows you (all we are is words on a screen)

  6. Talk with people, rather than market at them (take part in the conversation)

  7. Be funny (and if you can’t be funny, be careful)

  8. Be a goat, not a sheep (freedom of speech means nothing without freedom of thought)

  9. Respond whenever you can (so long as you add to the conversation or are sufficiently sarcastic)

  10. Share interesting stuff (no-one gives a shit what you ate for breakfast)

It’s ok to break any of these rules, such as when you’re drunk or in a bad mood, so long as you’re fucking hilarious.

[I originally wrote this as a comment in response to a blog post by Chuck Wendig. I’ve posted it here because I’m a narcissist and too lazy to write a new blog post.]

[Update: This post was kindly reblogged by the ever funny-and-entertaining RA Frenzy (a Richard Armitage fansite). They also linked to my post No-One Gives a Shit About Your Blog which they reblogged before. The nicest thing about this? They shared it, of their own free will, because they thought it was funny.]

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