Evolve and Rejuvinate — Notes from a talk by Timothy Leary

Posted: January 29, 2015 in graffiti living

Homework — Evolve and Rejuvinate:
– relocate / move / migrate (move to the future)
– stay rejuvinised
– spend time with people much younger and smarter than you (learn from them
what they know now — generational migration)
– you are as old as the generation you hang out with
– number one key to staying young is an intelligent disrespect for authority and
– take psychedelics and halucinogenics / lsd
– age is the key to politics
– dont follow leaders, think for yourself and question authority
– get off of the assembly line
– those in power are wrong 99% of the time (they just want to keep themselves in
– geography is destiny, location / environment determines species
– stay mobile, keep changing, network (link up with the rest of the world)
– consciousness change
– protest
– rebellion


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