Character and Author

Posted: January 22, 2015 in graffiti living
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Alienation effect: animal, child, mad person (Les Murray’s Translations from the Natural World).
The practical problem of rendering animals in fiction. Monologue.

These techniques are cheating, against dramatic conventions. Artificial device, where drama not fiction, should work on its own terms instead of in a cinematic way.

Voice-over in a film is an admission of defeat.

1)Omniscience: in relation to all characters. The authors unadorned voice, denied access to others.

2)Intermittent Omniscience: to all characters, shifts in and out, author, sometime to one by characters behaviour, knows the reader rather than the character.

3)Adoption of character point of view: one multiple (consider structural implications) Evoke the way the character thinks. Stream of consciousness is a possibility. Get into the feel/process of thinking, even subliminal thoughts and unremembered dreams. Further in, but can lose dramatic interface between characters. Even schizophrenia is a variation, becomes a kind of medieval morality play if not done carefully, playing good vs evil inside characters head, kind of dramatic break / soliloquy.


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