Lack of Time and Money

Posted: January 8, 2015 in graffiti living
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Think about it. We are always told that time is money. But time is the only thing that once you have spent it, you can’t make more of. So be conscious of how you spend time, and check that you are spending as much as you can on your writing.

Write down everything that you do that doesn’t involve writing. Discard everything that’s irrelevant. Sometimes it means making tough decisions, ones you don’t want to make. But you have to. Too many writers complain that they don’t have time to write, but spend hours every day watching television.

On the other hand, most things will be indifferent. Things you cannot change, but that neither move you towards or away from your goal. Change that – align them so that they move you towards your goal. Or at the very least exploit the opportunities that they offer you for your writing.

You might not be able to change jobs or stop going to school, but you can at least write about all the horrible people there and use them as the basis for characters in your stories. You might have a headache or be really ill. Take notes.

Whatever your experience in life, it is your life. Things happen in your life that you won’t find reported on the news. “If a tree falls over in the woods and no-one was there to write a press release about it: it didn’t happen!” So what about you, who writes from your perspective? Who tells your stories? You do. You’re the only one who can, and you’re the only one who will.


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