How to get over your writing hurdles

Posted: November 20, 2013 in graffiti living
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When I was little, we had to do games lessons. I hated games, but I was naturally a good sprinter. Because of this, they made me do the hurdles too. To begin with, I couldn’t jump over the hurdles at all. I didn’t know how to — I’d just run at them really fast and knock them over. So, they set up the hurdles with the hurdles on the floor and told me to jump over them. I flew down the track no problem. They raised the hurdles one notch. I ran down the track and jumped over all the hurdles again. Each time I jumped all the hurdles, they raised them one notch until eventually they were at the correct height — and I was now able to jump them. In writing, put the hurdle of ‘quality’ on the floor and focus on quantity instead. Just keep running at your fears — raise your hurdles a little bit at a time, until they’re easy to jump over at full height.

  1. Reba says:

    Brilliant, as usual. But then, I’m one of your stalkers, so…I could be a touch biased. 😛

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