‘Short Films Make the Cut at The Duke’s After Dark’ – News Piece and Related Interview by James Garside [The Argus]

Posted: February 24, 2012 in journalism
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Toby King, Duke of York's Picturehouse

Duke of York’s Picturehouse in Brighton have ditched trailers and adverts in favour of showing short films from local filmmakers before late-night screenings of cult classics in The Duke’s After Dark. Read the news piece and the full related interview with Toby King on the website for The Argus newspaper.

  1. clvrwitch says:

    Fabulous, work, James! I’m so proud of your progress. I keep thinking I should update my blog. Or write another short story. Or an email. Or something. Unfortunately, English Comp II seems to be all I get accomplished. 😦

    Ah, well, no worries. Back to praise: you’re doing a fantastic job as a writer in the journalistic style, and, dare I say it, well on your way to setting the journalism world on it’s ear. 😉

  2. The After Dark idea sounds amazing. Brilliant interview, keep them coming!

    • Monkey Magick says:

      Hi Rumi, Great to hear from you! I finally took your advice and got off my behind – I’m doing a fast-track NCTJ in Journalism in Brighton, and in a similar way to you blogging about your process and course / creative projects, I’ve started posting the pieces I get published instead of writing about not writing! 😀 Much love, James

      • Great stuff, James, writing about not writing wasn’t as productive but this one here really shows your talent 🙂 Always good to see someone following their passion (and my advice :-P!)
        Keep posting, and we’ll keep reading!
        Love and hugs,

  3. bZirk says:

    I’m enjoying your pieces, and I have been to this cinema! It was a few years ago, and I may even have a photo of it floating around somewhere.

    • Monkey Magick says:

      Thanks! It’s a great cinema. I’m studying journalism in Brighton at the moment. Last time I went there was to see The Dark Crystal which was great (possibly the first film I fell in love with as a child; it was either that or Star Wars but I can’t remember which order I saw them).

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