Live Review: ‘Thin Lizzy at Brighton Dome’ by James Garside (Published by Brighton Noise)

Posted: February 13, 2012 in graffiti living, reviews
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Thin Lizzy, Brighton Dome
In their heyday ’70s heavy metal legends Thin Lizzy played to packed-out stadiums. But the band hasn’t released a studio album since 1983 (‘Thunder and Lightning’), split after they played their last gig in 1984, and hasn’t produced any new material since the tragic death of frontman Phil Lynott, their founding member and principal songwriter, in 1986. The band has existed in various incarnations since then, mostly as a tribute to Phil Lynott and always playing the Thin Lizzy back catalogue. Almost thirty years later, the current lineup are on tour, still playing all the hits, but amid talk of recording new songs. With support from Triggerfinger and Clutch, the boys are back – it’s just a question of why.

Read the full review at Brighton Noise

  1. Reba says:

    Nicely done! Read the entire review. Far superior to anything I could’ve done. Well thought-out, and insightful. Impressive work, my friend!

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