Real Life (It’s All True, Including the Bits That I Made Up)

Posted: April 4, 2011 in graffiti living

Real life is elsewhere

In the train station a young pretty foreign girl said to me, “Do you have pain? Pain. No, PAIN… That you write with.” (She wanted a pen). Life is full of these moments, but they don’t add up to a life. You have to try and figure out where you are at the moment – in the moment, moment to moment, for all moments. This is harder than it sounds.

Save the Hedgehog of Democracy!

On Sunday night the fascist British National Party (BNP) got in – the next morning I rescued a hedgehog as it cowered at my door. Coincidence? I think not. We need to save the hedgehog of Democracy!
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Elves on a Train

On the train there was an attractive young woman that looked like an elf; she was so pretty and mysterious that if she’d confessed to being an elven princess, I wouldn’t have been surprised. She kept smiling at me. I couldn’t figure out why she was smiling – was she thinking that I too looked like an elf, or just amused by the sight of some nutter with a bow and arrow and cat sick in his hair?
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Chaplaincy Bet

A friend told me a story once that they swore to me was true. My friend is a great storyteller, so although I never believed them, I always loved the story.
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Let Them Eat Fish!

I tried to convince a vegetarian friend that it was ok to eat fish, because “fish don’t count”. Apparently, that’s Pescetarianism, or ‘being a cat’, as I like to call it.
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  1. TheRex says:

    It is all true, including the bits you made up.

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