Notes from the Trenches

Posted: March 21, 2011 in graffiti living

In the Trenches! U.S. Regulars in Trenches, Philippines, (Heller Collection).

I try not to whinge too much on this blog, but if you ever see a post prefaced with the title ‘Notes from the Trenches’, when I’m a writer, not a soldier, and the only war being fought is against my own inertia; then that’s your clue that it’s just a little rant about writing and not necessarily fit for human consumption. You have been warned.

Nano Why Mo?!

Yesterday, I joked that if I wrote what was on my mind I’d probably get sectioned. Today, I’m going to do just that, and prove myself wrong. Run for the hills; unless you actually WANT to read me being snotty and snarky, off the cuff and off the top of my head. In which case, pull up a chair.
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Unfriendified Flying Pig Poo

A successful published writer, whose work I adore, made an off-handed remark about nanowrimo on a social media site. Out of respect for the writer, let’s refer to them as ‘a writer’, and in deference to the IT Crowd, let’s call the social media site FriendFace. And in the interest of upsetting lawyers by avoiding lawsuits, lets say that this incident was ‘inspired by real events’ and therefore never happened.
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Don’t Break the Chain

Right now, I’m writing. And there’s three things that have kept me going so far that I want to give thanks for: supportive comments, a writer’s trick called ‘don’t break the chain’, and sheer bloody-mindedness.
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Ask Me Anything

A friend once admonished that graffiti living “sounds like a lifestyle magazine for graffiti artists.” Which it is, in a way – if you think deluded scribblings are a kind of graffiti. So, I’m open to suggestions. What does graffiti living mean to you? What would you like to see on this blog? Do you even want to see another blog about writing or a writer’s life at all?
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