Dream Narratives

Posted: March 7, 2011 in graffiti living

Pereda y Salgado, Antonio de (1611-1678) - 1655 The Knight's Dream (Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Madrid)

Write down your dreams and use them in your work. Try to write them out as stories rather than just leave them as diary extracts. Dreams are useful and instructive. Be that as a source of ideas and inspiration, dream imagery and weird characters, or outright as full-blown dream narratives and published short stories. They’re also free word count. Nobody can shout at you for plagiarising the contents of your own head.

Black Mirror

The woman is stood at the mirror. She is naked again, and dressed in scars. She has a jagged scar across her belly. Even the blind refuse to look at her. That’s what all the townsfolk say about her. But she likes to stand in front of the mirror, the black mirror thick with dirt. And also thick with something else, so much so that the glass has started to lose its effectiveness as mirror.
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And Now a Word From Our Sponsors

I went to sleep full of questions about writing and Japan. In my dreams a documentary voice over narrated the answers to some of my questions. When I woke up I wrote down what little I could remember without the aid of tea. I am incapable of speaking to anyone until I’ve had a cup of tea, so I’m amused that I wrote anything at all.
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Cold White Room

I’d started to smother myself with the pillow; so much so that in my dreams I dreamed of arguments and nightmares until I woke up and burst into tears. That’s what I needed to breathe. I didn’t understand it at the time, but I’d upset myself so that I could wake up. I’d upset myself so that I’d get out of the cold room and start breathing.
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Nothing Else Matters

I’m sat drinking Yerba Mate – my favourite ‘healthy’ tea, that I love to drink when I write – which I’ve just discovered according to some studies is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. This makes me laugh, as I don’t smoke; but I’m still drinking and I’m still writing, as I’ve had a dream that I want to share with you. And nothing else matters.
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