Dirty Tricks for Writers

Posted: February 14, 2011 in graffiti living

By eldarbee

Do whatever you need to do to get your writing done. Don’t let your muse decide your day. Sitting in your underwear isn’t a job unless you’re good looking or have a crack habit.

Evil Pixies and How to Beat Them

Imagine that your head is a room filled with ornate treasure chests, and inside of these chests are all the novels and stories that you are ever going to write. It is the Evil Pixie’s job to guard the chests and stop you from looking inside.
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Did you know that books can talk and that you can train your favourite book to answer questions? This is a little magic trick known as Bibliomancy that wizards have been using for years.
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Story Bowls

No matter how much water you try to hold, most of it will slip through your fingers, unless your hands maintain a good shape. That’s how it is with stories; the quality of your story determines how much of the world it can hold.
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Reading Habits

What do your reading habits say about what you should be writing? Just for fun, I decided to use the mysterious powers of the internet to find out. If you love reading it, you’re much more likely to have fun writing it.
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