What are Your Writing Obsessions?

Posted: January 23, 2011 in graffiti living
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I was going restart the blog with a bang. But, I’m tired, and I want to get drunk. So… bite me. Besides, a friendly netizen recently got me thinking with an interesting post about honesty, so I’ve decided to let you in on a few secrets about what secretly gets me off. I’ve written before about what your reading habits say about what you should be writing. Just like how you kiss your partner tells them a lot about how you’d like to be kissed, we tend to read stuff that we secretly wish we could have done ourselves. And whatever you’re obsessed by, you should probably write. When impressed – you need to express.

So, for what it’s worth; here are some quick notes on my writing obsessions. With a little help from my friends.

“I think all theories are suspect, that the finest principles may have to be modified, or may even be pulverized by the demands of life, and that one must find, therefore, one’s own moral center and move through the world hoping that this center will guide one aright. I consider that I have many responsibilities, but none greater than this: to last, as Hemingway says, and get my work done. I want to be an honest man and a good writer.” – James Baldwin

I’m obsessed by:

“the universe is made of stories, not atoms” – Muriel Rukeyser

Hidden Knowledge – occult, magickal, societal, political, angelology, demonology, Zoroastrianism. The word occult literally means ‘hidden’. I also read way too much Noam Chomsky!

Stories – mythology, fairytale, dreams, memetics, metafiction, language as a virus, reality as fiction and vice versa

“smash the control images, smash the control machine”- WS Burroughs

The Tyranny of Artifice – money, time, and morality are artificial constructs. Structures of authority, tyranny, orthodoxy, and control.

Rebel Inc – how ‘counter-culture’ becomes ‘over-the-counter culture’.

“nothing is true, everything is permitted”- Hassan I Sabbah

Fuzzy Logic
– as opposed to binary logic. There are no absolutes. Gender is fluid, sexuality is fluid, binary opposites such as good and evil cannot exist except in relation to each other. Taoism, Tao Te Ching, and their correlations with quantum mechanics.

“the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom” – William Blake

Altered States – drugs, meditation, enlightenment, transcendence, oblivion, lucid dreaming, levels of consciousness

The cultural function of taboo – abjection, boundaries and limits; transgression as a form of knowledge.

“when a cow drinks water, it becomes milk; when a snake drinks water, it becomes poison” – Omori Sogen

Zen – in relation both to Buddhism (peaceful) and the Samurai (blatantly not peaceful). Bushido, Hagakure (‘Hidden by the Leaves’, famous Samurai text).

Business as Usual – life, love, sex, friendship, death, mortality, memory, suicide, how to live, what it means to be human. You know, the fun stuff!

So, what are your writing obsessions and fascinations? Confess your sins in the comments below. Or, better yet – go write them.

  1. Stupidgirl45 says:

    Gosh I think I am very boring!
    If I could have written one book, it would be The Handmaid’s Tale.
    I want to write a book that changes the world.
    I want people to be kind to each other and have patience. I think they are both much underrated qualities.
    I don’t believe in god, I believe in being good and trying to do the right thing.
    I believe that you’re in control of your destiny, no one else. Even if they have an impact on it, remember that *you* are in control and you can get yourself out of that situation.
    Do not underestimate the power of a smile and taking the time to ask people how they are.

    As for me, I spend most of my life wanting to be better than i am and being afraid of failure. My self esteem relies far too much on what other people thing of me which is not healthy.

    What really gets me off though, more than anything else is passion – people with a fire in their belly and a desire to do something. If you love something – no matter what it is – then you are of interest to me.

    I’m not sure if that’s the kind of comment you wanted but that’s the comment you got 😛

    PS When I kiss the person I love, it doesn’t tell them how I want to be kissed, it tells them I love them. But then we have been kissing for 9 years

  2. sljasble says:

    Interesting blog. I think you are right about writing what you read. Thanks for sharing.

  3. R.M says:

    Yep everything you said and then….quantum physics, philosphy, biology, anatomy,art.I am amazed how as we dive from the outer surface of life (in any form) towards the minute workings, it becomes distinctly clear nothing is solid. At the basest of levels simply observing causes a reaction in the matter which makes it behave as the observer expects. The whole reality as illusion theory (the basis of my first book). Anything from history, I don’t mean text book, I mean actual real, letting the object, place, or thing tell it’s story. Astronomy ~kind of goes with reality theory. Anything and everything, with the exception of materialism, see too much of that on the day to day.Of course steamy, physical attraction that rarely occurs in life and usually ends horribly when it does. Oh and I love to push the limits!Tell me something can’t be done and I’ll tell you how I did it. So yeah, what you said and…..:)

  4. clvr_witch says:

    Sensual experience: anything that appeals to the senses.

    Limits/extremes: what they are, how far can they be pushed? Where am I absolutely unwilling to go? I know I have boundaries. I just haven’t found them, yet.

    Emotional turmoil: I am often at odds with myself, and I love to shove this off onto my characters.

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