Obligatory Throat Clearing – I’m Posting Every Week in 2011!

Posted: January 11, 2011 in graffiti living

Right, I’d better make this official before I chicken out. I’ve decided to do the ‘post a week’ challenge over at The Daily Post. There is a ‘post a day’ option, but as a veteran of Nanoblopomo (having blogged every day for a month on two separate months including last November when I did it alongside writing a ‘novel’ for Nanowrimo) I’ve come to the conclusion that once a week would be more fun for all of us. To write a blog post every day is wonderful. But to actually post that blog post every day is batshit fucking crazy.

So, here’s what you can expect… Actually, I don’t know what you can expect, I haven’t even written the first post yet (the first post of the first week was an overview of the year before, and the first post of the second week is me rambling like this). All I know is that I’ll be posting on this blog once a week for all of 2011. But rather than just ranting about writing, I actually want to, you know, do a bit of… what’s the word? Writing. So, here’s some of the stuff that floats my boat and may end up disgracing these walls:

– Writing, Magick, Japan

– Travel Writing

– Japan! Japan! Japan!

– Did I mention Japan?

– Shiny Things

– Creativity Workflows

– Photography

– Mad Geeky Tech Shit

– GTD and how it relates to creative work (if at all!)

– WIFLWA (Whatever I Feel Like Writing About)

– And, yes, I’ll probably still rant about writing.

Sometimes we give others the advice that we most long to receive. You’re welcome along for the ride; but I must confess that sometimes this feels more like an open letter to myself. When I write ‘you’, I also mean me (I even write my to do lists in the third person). As much as I love to help people, I’m not a guru and I’m not an expert; I’m just a basket case whose life is a junk drawer he’s up-ended onto the floor and is trying to clear out.

Suggestions and hugs are welcome.

  1. Connie T says:

    I like that you have even put down what you are going to write about. I signed up for the week post but lately I have been doing more. The more I write though, the less excited I get by doing it, so the weekly post is good to lock into. I have doing a drawing a day on a calendar. I didn’t do one for the last two days. I get tired of that too. I will follow you and thanks for following me on Twitter. I followed you too on there. I am Connieclickthat on Twitter.

  2. superjessleong says:

    oOo! good luck 😀 i cant wait to see your posts on some of the topics like; travel, japan, and japan ( id love to go visit japan one day ), shiny things!, PHOTOGRAPHY for sure!, and geeky stuff! and whatever else you got!! im excuted!

  3. lyns27 says:

    I am trying to do this post a week thing as well. I don’t think I could do the daily post thing as I’d probably run out of things to write about before long.

    Good luck with it anyway!

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