Postcards from Japan – Part 4

Posted: November 30, 2010 in graffiti living
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Apple Store Ginza

I’m off back up to Tokyo tomorrow. I think Hiroshima is going to be
put down as my first choice for where to teach on the JET scheme.
Just back from watching Pans Labyrinth (I know it’s the 4th time, but
you know me and my foreign films and did you really think Id pass up
the chance to see a film whilst over here!). It was in original
language but with Japanese subtitles… this was ace, as I watched the
whole thing for the performances, understood it all completely despite
not properly speaking either language, but also remembered most of the
dialogue by heart! Salon cinema in Hiroshima is ace, very comfy large
purple seats and lots of space (you even get a bench in front of you
on which you can put your snacks – luckily I had a flask of tea with

Thought you would appreciate this – I am in Tokyo, in the APPLE
BUILDING! Better than any temple I have been to hehehe. It has 4
floors of Macs, including a cinema (for Mac propaganda) and on the top
floor free internet on the new shiny metal Imacs – which is where I am
now, tapping away on a metal japanese keyboard! And Amy Whinehouse is
playing on their sound system. And when I am a teacher in Japan I will
qualify for a Japanese Educational Discount! Woo hoo!

Anyway, enough gloating, I just wanted to tell you. I have tried
to take photos of it from outside, but they’re not coming out too great.
Id try and take photos in here but would be escorted off the premises
pretty sharpish by the Mac Police (or should that be Mac Yakuza?)

See you very soon. Remember I will be back in Manky for 9.30 your time
– though the clocks changing etc are going to confuse me just a little
but with the time difference on top! 🙂

I think they should do Mac Hotels, Mac Cafes etc – you know when I am
rich and famous and eventually sell my soul to the devil (or maybe the
other way around, I am a shyster afterall), well I’ve decided that
when I sell out and do adverts, I shall be sponsored by Apple. Would
that be so wrong? Would Bill Hicks forgive me? 😛

Had a great time in Japan, but also a little bit frazzled. If I see
another shrine or temple I am going to start shooting strangers. I
tried to find you a tea towel as requested for a laugh, but my Japanese language
skills don’t stretch that far! Noodles, sushi, sex and drugs – no
problem… but tea towels?! 😛

I’m dreading my return as I have seen my bank balance! Only thing I
miss about UK is family and friends, so you are moving to Japan!

Japan was amazing – clearly it was never going to be as I’d imagined
it all these years (because it is real), but I definitely want to work
there next year. I travelled around for 3 weeks – and although I
visited a lot of the ‘must see’ sites, you know me, I don’t like
tourists, so I tried to get a sense of what it would be like to live
in the places I visited. I lived on noodles, raw fish, and custard
donuts! I was lost in Tokyo, homeless in Kyoto, and set on fire at
the Kurama Fire Festival. I had a blast in Hiroshima (no pun
intended, tragic history notwithstanding it was my absolute favourite
city and is now my first preference for where to work… and no I did
not sing ‘Enola Gay’!), and also visited Nagasaki, Nikko, and Osaka
among other places. I fed Deer biscuits in Nara (and a Deer ate my map
in Miyajima!), stayed overnight in a Buddhist Temple on Mount Koya in
Koyasan (like Butlins, but holy) and joined in their morning prayers.
I used my truly terrible Japanese speaking ability at every
opportunity and learnt more about Japan, the language, and about
myself, in those 3 weeks than I had in years of head scratching in the
UK. When I was on the plane coming back, I burst into tears as we left
Japan (in a manly stoic way of course) – I didn’t know it was possible
to feel homesick for somewhere you’d never been to before!


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