Postcards from Japan – Part 2

Posted: November 26, 2010 in graffiti living
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I was going to visit the fish market early this
morning but was too tired. Last night I saw Kabuki but was so tired
and had to stand up at the back that I could hardly keep my eyes
open. However, despite not understanding it I loved it – appreciated
the visual comedy and spectacle, but it made me realise how tired i
was so i went to bed after that., Saw it at Kabuki-Za in Ginza. Off
to Nikko on Shinkansen today for a day trip – spent ages yesterday
muddling through booking reserved seats in Japanese, only to lose my
tickets! So now I have to do it all again or just hope for the best 🙂
I was in Kabukochi (spelt wrong, Shinjuku area, and
got propositioned lots for “massagey” which amused me, and no I didn’t
take them up on the offer.
ANd don’t worry i wont bully the Japanese! They should just play nice
with me, as I am a very sensitive and easily offended SAMURAI ELF! I’m
trying very hard to speak Japanese and am always very polite. The tea
thing was actually quite funny, and in retrospect I am glad I paid to
sit and drink tea at the top of one of the tallest buildings in Japan.

Nikko looks like a dump when you
first get there but is much nicer at the top, full of a massive
temple complex that took me 2-3 hours to walk round, and sacred bridge
etc. there’s also a theme park where you can watch Samurai and Ninja
etc in recreations of Edo times but i didnt have time to do both, and
there’s some nearby Onsen but I have avoided getting wet! I don’t know
much about Hakone. I’m thinking of leaving Tokyo early and spending
lots of days in Kyoto, so can do daytrips to Hiroshima Nagasaki etc,
and also want to see Nara. Im getting Tokyo City Blues, which i think
would make a great title for a novel ort book of short stories.
Today I wash clothes etc, might check out tomorrow and head down to
Kyoto overnight. Theres a fire festival near there on Monday night and
im getting restless. it feels like I:ve been in Tokyo for years, and
enjoyed trip to Nikko (and being fed by uber friendly Japanese with
Yaki Udon and yakitori whilst there) and im sick of the hostel –
coming back at 4am to drunk people sleeping in my bed etc. Hope to see
the Fish market and that sushi place you recommended, I pronounce
today Sushi sunday! I found the market today but was closed, and went
into a temple for Amida Buddha (coincidence for me
and saw there services, very privileged. Gotta run!

Sushi is goooood, though I get what I
call sashimi shock cos when I eat sashimi (slabs of raw fish) my body
goes into shock saying “good god man, that was raw!” and I always need
to have a cup of tea afterwards.

I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your great advice Sushi
Sunday was a huge success. I had EXCELLENT sushi and sashimi today
for just over a fiver (stuffed my face with raw fish, no euphemism
intended). Oh and I picked up some porn… well, by that i mean
Japanese adverts for the latest shiny metal Apple Macs from a bizarre
massive Japanese electronics store where they shout at you over a
megaphone to encourage you to `enjoy your shopping experience` and
`spend more money`.

ive decided ive had enough of Tokyo for now as will probably end up
back up here before go to the airport. so tomorrow morning im off to
Kyoto in time for the Fire Festival. I’ve just found out that my
hostel wants me to have a sex change, as they only have rooms for
women and said we are unable to provide you with a room as a man, can
you change the reservation 😀 Not to worry, I can easily sort something
else out, but no i will not be getting the snip!!!


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