Nablopomo Writing Prompts – Week Two – No, REALLY

Posted: November 18, 2010 in graffiti living
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Monday, November 7, 2010
What would your dream home/apartment/condo/yurt look like? Where would it be? Who’d live in it with you?

I REALLY wouldn’t want to live in my dreams. They’re scary… Ok, not funny? I’ll stop being sarcastic. *serious face* In truth, I REALLY don’t give a monkeys, so long as it’s in Japan. I’d probably be happy in a cave, so long as it had a decent sound system and broadband internet access. In my head, there’s a fictional me that’s already off somewhere in Japan living the life that I want to live. He has a wife, and a daughter, and probably lives in Hiroshima. Tragic history notwithstanding, Hiroshima was my absolute favourite ‘place where I’d want to live’ in Japan – of all the places I visited, that’s the only one where I didn’t feel lost and where I started ‘living’ rather than just traveling. I’ve never really felt ‘at home’ or like I belong anywhere, but I started to there. Even though I was only there for a month, I cried when I left Japan, and I’ve mourned it ever since. In terms of the house or apartment, sure there are things that I’d like, they’re just secondary to the place and the people. Sometimes I’m alone in an empty open plan penthouse suite apartment, with a panoramic view of neon-lit city streets below. Others, I’m with my wife and daughter, in a slightly rundown but ‘lived in’ and loved old house. It’s much messier, but feels like home. We have a dog. And a rat. And fish. And lots of cats. In other words, it’s a zoo filled with animals that you expect will try to kill and eat each other at any moment, but they never do. My daughter keeps leaving her drawings everywhere – she even decided to finger-paint all over my laptop. Our only refuge is the bedroom – that’s the one place she hasn’t tried to decorate yet!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
What was your favorite song this year? Five years ago? Ten years ago? Twenty?

I REALLY love music. Let me put it this way – if I ask you what type of music you like, and you say anything along the lines of, “I’m not really that bothered about music”, from that moment on, you’re dead to me. There’s no point in us getting to know each other at all. We won’t be lovers. We can’t be friends. Even my enemies have their own taste in music. I don’t care what you’re into, so long as you’re into something. And the more eclectic and open-minded you are about music, the better. I’ll listen to anything more than once, and if it’s something that you love then I definitely want to hear it. But, if you don’t like music at all – you have no soul; and not even in a sexy undead kind of way. The song I’m playing to death at the moment is ‘Big News I‘ by Clutch. It has been on repeat on my ipod for about a week now. That said, I listen to so much music that it’s impossible to pick just one favourite song for each era. If you really want to know what music I’m into, check out my profile and send me a friend request. Or give me some recommendations about who you love and what you’re into.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
What do you like most about cold weather? What do you like the least?

I REALLY don’t like being cold. At all. The only good thing about being cold is getting to curl up in front of a fire like a cat, when it’s snowing outside. It’s ok to cool down, so long as you know that you can warm up again. But cold, never! Snow is fun though; snowball fights in particular. And drinking cold water on a hot day. Everything else in the world can get as cold as it wants, so long as I’m all toasty and warm. Can I have my blanket back, please?

Thursday, November 11, 2010
What do you *really* wish you were doing right now, and how soon do you think you can make it happen?

I REALLY wish that I was a writer who lived in Japan. I’m not sure if I can ever make that happen, and given that these days, in my life, ‘go to Japan’ has become a euphemism for ‘commit suicide’, I’m not sure that I ever will. But, it’s the truth. And, I’m working on it.

Friday, November 12, 2010
What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve ever made for another person? Was it worth it?

I REALLY won’t know the honest answer to that question until I’m dead. But I think that any sacrifice we’re willing to make for others has got to be a good thing and is always worth it in the long run. And there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for the people that I love.


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