Librarything Book Review: Sugarcoated by Catherine Forde

Posted: June 19, 2010 in reviews

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.

I have to admit, my heart sank when I received Sugarcoated as my first book to review through the Library Thing review programme as this is really not the kind of thing I would normally read – lets just say that as a guy in his early thirties I am not the target audience – I must have clicked the wrong button!

The story centres around Cloddy, a teenage girl who is overweight and unpopular at school. She spends most of her weekends working for her Dad in the Opticians, until one day there she witnesses a violent attack. Then she meets ‘the man of her dreams’ – two events that will change her life forever.

My first impressions were that this was a debut novel, relatively amateurish chick lit / teenage fiction with pretensions of being dark and edgy. Reading the novel did nothing to change this, other than to note with interest that Forde has actually already carved out a niche for herself with similar titles and has had some previous success in the young adult genre.

It’s biggest setback for me was an unsympathetic and unbelievable protagonist. I’ve taught teenagers for a living, and none of them were ever that gullible, stupid, or unaware of how the world works. It’s funny that a book that starts in an Opticians should end with a ‘shock ending’ that everyone but the main character should see coming without the need for glasses.

Please take my comments about this novel with a pinch of salt or a spoonful of sugar, as I’m really not the person the book is aimed at, and I’m sure that younger readers and fans of the genre would enjoy it. It’s a reasonably fast-paced thriller, and will no doubt appeal to the target market. ( )

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