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Posted: June 15, 2010 in graffiti living
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Words, words, words. – William Shakespeare!

2009-11-30 23:00:07
gaikokujin: The nanowrimo finish line is in sight. Don’t forget to upload
your novel and verify your wordcount – you’ll feel much better once it’s

2009-11-30 11:00:05
gaikokujin: Last Day. This is Nanowrimo ground zero. Whatever your
wordcount, you can still make it. Anything can happen in the next few
thousand words!

2009-11-29 11:00:04
gaikokujin: Last Sunday in the Nanowrimo house. Better spend it writing.
Everyone knows that Sundays are shit anyway, so why not make the most of
it? 😛

2009-11-28 11:00:04
gaikokujin: #Nanowrimo Rule One: There are no rules. Rule Two: Which part
of THERE ARE NO RULES did you not understand? Go back and read Rule One

2009-11-27 11:00:09
gaikokujin: What’s your current wordcount for nanowrimo? It’s not too late
to catch up if you’ve fallen behind. Ganbatte kudasai!

2009-11-26 11:00:12
gaikokujin: Nanowrimo wisdom: You’re not writing a novel, you’re writing
50,000 words. And you don’t write 50,000 words; you write 1,000 words 50

2009-11-25 11:00:12
gaikokujin: Fiction is the lie that tells the truth. You’re going to have
to tell some right porkies to make it across the finish line. Time to

2009-11-24 11:00:14
gaikokujin: Give your Nanowrimo novel an unfeasibly long title – one that
makes you laugh / keeps you going. I once called mine ‘Fuck You Inner

2009-11-23 11:00:06
gaikokujin: Light a candle. Write until the candle goes out. Don’t try this
on the bus! So long as you don’t quit before the candle, you can eat cake

2009-11-22 11:00:06
gaikokujin: Step 1. WRITE a word / sentence / paragraph / page. Step 2. IF
“wordcount” = > 50,000 words THEN STOP. Step 3. GO TO 1. [Repeat as

2009-11-21 15:08:35
gaikokujin: Me: Hmm, everyone seems to have gone suspiciously quiet about
nanowrimo. Inner Editor: Hush, child! Muse: Zzz – what?

2009-11-21 11:00:04
gaikokujin: Your unconscious would like to say a few words. Shut up and
listen. It’s hard for a muse to whisper in your ear if you’ve got
headphones on.

2009-11-20 11:00:04
gaikokujin: Keep your eye on the prize. You get across a pebbled beach
fastest if you focus on the sea as you run; not by worrying about your poor

2009-11-19 11:00:04
gaikokujin: No-one has to read your novel. Not even you. Take chances. Do
something random. It’s ok to be crazy, absurd, and fun – but screw

2009-11-18 11:00:15
gaikokujin: Don’t press delete until December. If you write it wrong, just
write it right next time. Pile them up. ‘Don’t get it right, get it

2009-11-17 11:00:13
gaikokujin: Don’t get hung up on plot. You’re just making a ‘fix-up novel’
out of bits and pieces. You don’t even have to write them in the right

2009-11-16 17:09:22
gaikokujin: The unavoidable objective is to write, to get words onto the
page. Not to decide a preference of pens, or paper, or typewriter, or

2009-11-16 14:23:09
gaikokujin: After a crap day at work, treat yourself to an afternoon of writing, sobbing, & hitting your head against the keyboard 😀

2009-11-16 11:00:05
gaikokujin: Dreams are creative. Write them down; they’re yours to use.
Turn them into short scenes and incorporate them into your work. Free

2009-11-15 11:00:04
gaikokujin: You’re halfway there. Is your wordcount about 25k? BACK UP YOUR
WORK. Writing 25,000 words in 24 hours isn’t fun. Trust me, I’ve been

2009-11-14 11:00:05
gaikokujin: Sit down. Close your eyes. Trust your imagination as a guide.
Forget about structure, character, plot. WATCH your story. Write what you

2009-11-13 11:00:05
gaikokujin: Your mission, should you choose to accept it: write the worst
junk you can, as quickly as possible. When you hit rock bottom, have a

2009-11-12 22:10:40
gaikokujin: My #nanowrimo characters include an albino hitman with an evil
shadow, a magic cat that’s a mafia boss, and a fat man dressed as a

2009-11-12 11:00:10
gaikokujin: If you throw enough shit against the wall, some of it’s going
to stick. Words to live by if you’re a writer. Or a monkey. And you have

2009-11-11 11:00:07
gaikokujin: Write on the way to work. When people try to read what you’re
writing – write about killing them. Works like a charm.

2009-11-10 11:00:05
gaikokujin: What’s your favourite place to write? Avoid it: write 10,000
words ANYWHERE ELSE. Come back to this comfy place as a treat when you’re

2009-11-09 21:53:13
gaikokujin: @inuesse Write the word ‘Blurble’ – repeat 50,000 times. And
voila, no more nanowrimo.

2009-11-09 11:00:12
gaikokujin: Get away from the computer. Take a notebook out with you –
scribble rough scenes in it throughout the day. Write it up in your next

2009-11-08 11:00:07
gaikokujin: Your motto for Nanowrimo: ‘Every. Word. Counts.’ Not to be
confused with ‘Every Second Counts’ -that was a quiz show hosted by Paul

2009-11-07 11:00:16
gaikokujin: Grab your story by the throat. Write whatever scares or excites
you the most. Any time you think “I couldn’t possibly say that” – put it

2009-11-06 11:00:08
gaikokujin: Hemingway said you should write “Not the why, but the what.”
That’s great advice. But, just for this month, try to focus on

2009-11-05 11:00:07
gaikokujin: Your inner editor getting in the way during Nanowrimo? Write
down what it says. Turn it into a character with a high squeaky voice…

2009-11-04 11:00:22
gaikokujin: #Nanowrimo: Want to increase your word count? Lower your

2009-11-03 11:00:08
gaikokujin: Set your watch. Try to write 2000+ words in an hour without
stopping. It’s the most fun you can have in an hour – short of drugs or

2009-11-02 11:00:19
gaikokujin: You learn to write by writing. Writers write, right? Guess what
you’re going to do over the next month? Guess what you need to do right

2009-11-01 23:06:21
gaikokujin: Slow and steady wins the race, but hard and fast is also fun.
Best not get hung up about this. You’re writing a novel, not having an

2009-11-01 11:00:09
gaikokujin: A Zen student once asked: “What is the way?” The Zen master
replied: “Go!” And that, my friends, is how you will succeed at
Nanowrimo… GO!

2009-10-31 23:00:12
gaikokujin: #Nanowrimo: 50,000 words in a month. That’s only 1667 words per
day – you can do that in an hour if you leave your inner editor at the

2009-10-28 22:00:12
gaikokujin: Productive procrastination: Find something that scares you more
than whatever you most want to do. Put off the first one by doing the

2009-10-26 22:00:17
gaikokujin: Jump in at the deep end: no matter how strong a swimmer you
are, you’ll make it to the other side; or drown and make it to the ‘other

2009-10-19 11:40:46
gaikokujin: Don’t wait to feel better before you act. Act and feel better!

2009-10-16 10:00:11
gaikokujin: Don’t let your muse decide your day. Sitting in your underwear isn’t a job unless you’re good looking or have a crack habit.

2009-10-15 22:00:11
gaikokujin: I hate. A lot. But, I hate with style and creativity. – Henry

2009-10-14 22:00:04
gaikokujin: Happen; it might never cheer up.

2009-10-13 22:00:07
gaikokujin: The privilege of a lifetime is to be who you are. – Joseph

2009-10-12 22:00:04
gaikokujin: The only time I know the truth is when it reveals itself at the
point of my pen. – Jean Malaquais

2009-10-11 22:00:03
gaikokujin: A thing as dreamless will have a dream.

2009-10-08 22:00:03
gaikokujin: You cant turn lead into gold, but you can turn shit into money.

2009-10-07 22:00:07
gaikokujin: Work is love made visible – Kahil Gibran

2009-10-06 22:00:05
gaikokujin: Anything that you turn into art, you have the right to destroy.

2009-10-05 22:00:05
gaikokujin: Procrastination is like chess – you can view it as an art, a
science, or a sport – or just something to do when it’s raining.

2009-09-17 22:00:04
gaikokujin: Understand this – the world is against you. And – that’s funny.
Or at least, I think that’s funny.

2009-09-14 22:00:04
gaikokujin: Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Listen to the lunatic
on the bus. Write down what the lunatic says. Use it as dialogue in a

2009-09-14 21:49:38
gaikokujin: First draft is better than no draft. Or so I hope!

2009-09-10 13:45:29
gaikokujin: Of all the arts the living of a life is perhaps the greatest. –
Kathleen Raine.

2009-08-29 22:00:05
gaikokujin: When you reach a state of true enlightenment, write down your
thoughts. Have a look at them the next day, and see if they still make

2009-08-26 22:00:03
gaikokujin: “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we
learn by doing them.” #Aristotle

2009-08-25 22:00:08
gaikokujin: “Religion says: ‘Believe and you will understand.’ Science
comes to say to you: ‘Understand and you will believe.'” #JosephDeMaistre

2009-08-23 22:00:04
gaikokujin: If you want to know about a tree, go to the tree. #Zen Proverb

2009-08-22 22:00:04
gaikokujin: “For those who understand, no explanation is necessary. For
those who do not, no explanation will suffice.”

2009-08-21 22:00:05
gaikokujin: A dream is a poem the body writes. Even if we lie to ourselves
in the day, the body is compelled to speak its truth at

2009-08-20 22:00:04
gaikokujin: “Artists to my mind are the real architects of change, and not
the political legislators who implement change after the

2009-08-16 22:00:10
gaikokujin: Less is more… more or less.

2009-08-11 22:00:04
gaikokujin: “You don’t write because you want to say something, you write
because you’ve got something to say.” #Fitzgerald

2009-08-10 22:00:06
gaikokujin: “It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write.
Let them think you were born that way.” #Hemingway

2009-08-02 10:23:15
gaikokujin: Exercise your demons. Nobody likes a fat demon.

2009-07-29 22:00:11
gaikokujin: “Literature is the news that stays news.” – #EzraPound.

2009-07-27 22:00:05
gaikokujin: “If you knew what you were doing it wouldn’t be creative. It
would be roadwork.” #RobertAntonWilson

2009-07-26 16:16:30
gaikokujin: Writing a novel is like banging a head full of words against a brick wall made out of fear, lack of talent, and blank pages.

2009-07-21 11:00:17
gaikokujin: If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even
start. #Charles Bukowski

2009-06-01 09:59:52
gaikokujin: You don’t have to change yourself to become capable of
something. You only need realise that you’re capable of anything – maybe
not sit-ups.

2009-05-20 00:02:37
gaikokujin: There’s three ways to learn how to write – write a lot, read a
lot, and when all else fails, get other writers drunk.

2009-05-10 09:22:21
gaikokujin: “How do I know what’s what if you won’t tell me what what is?”
– Thomas the Tank Engine.

2009-04-26 13:05:56
gaikokujin: A poem is an advert for your tongue. But, so is sticking your
tongue out at people. Or a massive billboard poster… with your tongue on

2009-01-04 19:06:38
gaikokujin: It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it
is because we do not dare that they are difficult. -Seneca

2008-12-30 23:12:14
gaikokujin: Politicians don’t own language – WE DO. They’re just there to
tend the garden. It’s our job to go into the woods and deal with the

2008-09-21 19:38:40
gaikokujin: Typing up old notebooks is a bit like injecting heroin into
your eyeball – addictive, painful, and not very good for your eyes. Fun


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